The ecological and educational center

The Ecocenter of the Yavoriv National Nature Park is the so-called starting point of acquaintance with the Roztochia region. Here you will find interesting information about protected areas, rich flora, and fauna, history of the region, culture, and life of locals.

There is a modern multimedia conference room for 50 people for seminars, meetings, conferences, presentations, lessons, and more.


The Ecological and Educational Center also has a biodiversity room, which introduces landscapes, typical and rare species of flora, and fauna of the Roztochia region.

Its library has a wide range of scientific, natural, and ecological-educational literature.

There is an ecological classroom for students from schools and universities, and for workshops on Yavoriv painting.

In the museum rooms, you can see objects of different historical ages. Here you will see the arrowheads of the Scythians, battle-axes of Goths, rings from the times of Kyiv Rus, and many interesting items of use from different eras. You will also see the weapons, authentic clothes, originals of documents, photos of soldiers of WWI and WWII. These exhibits were found during search expeditions, and they are "living witnesses" of the brutal fighting that took place in the modern territory of the park.


Yaremche city, 6 V. Stusa Street, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Ukraine 78500

+38 03259 3 31 35