Roztochia Nature Reserve

Here begin their way rivers and streams that flow into the Dnister, and then flow to the Black and Baltic Seas. Roztochia is located on the main European watershed. On the territory of the reserve the relief is hilly. Vereshchytsia and its tributary Stavchanka rivers flow here.

The reserve presents unique forest and swamp vegetation. Natural forests have been preserved here, where pines, oaks, beeches, firs, spruces, sycamores, hornbeams, ashes, maples, elms, and lindens grow together.

The peculiarity of Roztochia is that in this area there is a great variety of birds. They live or nest here, or fly to spend the winter. The birds also stop during their migration. So coming to Roztochia with binoculars to watch the birds is always a good idea.