Museum of Yavoriv painting

Yavoriv painting originated in the 18th century and has its old traditions. It was most often used to decorate chests. People used Yavoriv painting for wooden toys - horses, butterflies, birds, carts. They were made of wood with an original design, mechanics for each toy, and were designed to be simple, realistic, and attractive. As a rule, the ornament consisted of plant and geometric motifs.

The Museum of History of Arts and Crafts of Yavoriv Region operates at the Yosyp Stanko Art Vocational School. It represents the long-term heritage of masters and famous graduates of different periods. The exposition of the museum includes products made of wood, typha, and metal. The basis of the exhibits are wooden products with all kinds of carvings, but the emphasis is on Yavoriv carving, the founder of which is considered to be Joseph Stanko.

Yavoriv painting is distinguished by characteristic elements - flowers, roses, stars, wreaths, ducks, curves, dots, dashes. The prevailing colors are green, yellow, and red.


Lviv region
Yavoriv district
Ivano-Frankove town
Rynok Square, 13 (II building of the Art Vocational School)

Tel: +38 (03259) 3-33-73