Center for breeding and preservation of wild tarpan horses descendants

The Center is the only one in Ukraine. There live horses, the descendants of wild tarpan horses brought from Roztochia National Park (Republic of Poland).

There are 6 horses: adult mares named Tiberius, Turna, Mika, Tina, Tavria and stallion Troll.

Horses with features of wild tarpans used to be doing various agricultural works. These are the horses that have retained the best features of extinct tarpan.

The center is part of Oselia Roztochia. You can do horseback riding here. There is also a museum of antiquities, and you can order local cuisine lunch - Yavoriv pie and borsch.

You can ride horses
"Roztocze House" - a secret place in the woods.
Descendants of wild horses


03259 3-31-35, 096 714 18 53 - Mariya

How to get there:

In the village of Dubrovytsia, take the turn to the military training base. Drive up the bad road for four kilometers and, not entering the military base, turn right twice. This way, you will get to the Mochary tract, to the location of the Oselia Roztochia recreation center.

This location can be seen on the routes: