The main European watershed trail

  • Difficulty

  • Length

    3.5 km
  • Duration

    1.5 h
  • The village of Dubrovytsia


    The route starts near the village of Dubrovytsia, which is located among the hills of Roztochia. The main European watershed passes through the northern part of the village. To the west of the village is a part of Yavoriv National Nature Park, to the east – the landscape reserve Klymova Debra. The landscapes in the hollow are mesmerizing, the village pond can be seen from afar, around which there are steep slopes, wilderness, where wood species unique to Roztochia grow.

    Roztochia Watersheds were enduring routes of communication – permanent highways through which trade routes were set. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, the watershed crossed the “royal road” – an important historical route from Lviv to Warsaw. There is a cross that draws the attention of tourists, which witnessed the eviction of residents of surrounding villages during the creation of the Yavoriv military training area. Abandoned orchards and a stork’s nest on an old pear tree suggest that life once flourished here.

  • The ridge of the Main European Watershed


    Then the runs along the so-called “ridge”, where you can admire the unique landscape of the park – the landscape of Dubrovytsia. Here you can see the highest points in Roztochia – 370-400 meters, the slopes of which reach a steepness of 20-60 degrees… The territory is covered mainly with beech and hornbeam-beech forests. There are areas with pine forests, and in the river valleys, you can see common groups of gray and black alder…

  • Mochary tract


    Among all the natural diversity, at the end of the route in the Mochary Tract, there is Oselia Roztochia Recreation Center. In the center, the descendants of wild tarpan horses graze on the Roztochia hills. The Visiting a Beekeeper project operates on the territory of the center. To get acquainted with the historical past of the village of Roztochany, we invite you to visit the Museum of Antiquities, where you can see antiques and exhibitions of folk craftsmen.

In the territory of the national park it is forbidden:

Deviation from the route.

Damage to natural objects.

Breeding hearths in places not designated for this purpose, smoking when passing through forests.

Felling and damage to trees plucking flowers, collecting medicinal plants.

Hunting for animals, destruction of their habitats.

Catching fish by any means.

Stay with firearms.

Territory littering, noise.