Vereshchytsia Trail

  • Difficulty

  • Length

    3.3 km
  • Duration

    2.5 hours
  • The village of Vereshchytsia


    The route starts on the outskirts of the village Vereshchytsia, which is located in the valley of the Vereshky – the right tributary of the river Vereshchytsia. The Vereshchytsia River is the largest waterway in Roztochia, which flows to the Dnister and then to the Black Sea. Its name is associated with heather fields, which in ancient times occupied large areas on the northern outskirts of the village.

    The first mention of the village is in a document from 1437.

  • Pryslin tract


    Traveling down the path along the edge of the forest, we enter the military cemetery in the tract Pryslin, which is a spur of Mount Havrylova. Its name comes from the fortifications, which helped to control the ancient roads. The fortifications were destroyed during the Tatar attacks. There was a wooden church near Pryslin, built in the 16th century, and a cemetery was next to it. The church was destroyed in 1939 during the first eviction of the village. After World War II there was a camp for German prisoners of war. Now at the place of their burial, there is a cross with the inscription: “The fear of God is wisdom, and turning away from evil is clever.”

    From the cemetery, we turn right and quickly climb up the stairs to the forest glade, which presents a large number of rare plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

  • Vovcha Yama tract


    After several turns, the trail leads to the Vovcha Yama tract. It is a 1.5 km long ravine, the slopes of which are covered with beech forest. An abandoned well, dug by the community of the Vereshchytsia village in the 19th century remains near the top of the ravine to obtain water in dry years. The depth of the well used to go as deep as 30 m.

  • Beech forests


    From the well, the trail runs through part of Havrylova Hora mount with beech and hornbeam-beech forests.

    Then we go down the road on the slope of the ravine and get to a small meadow surrounded by pine forest. There are almost no natural pine forests left in Roztochia. Most of them were planted in the central part of Roztocze in the middle of the 20th century.

    Traveling through the forest, we return to the starting point of the route – the recreational center “Vereshchytsia”. Here you can have fun, light a fire, go fishing or swim.

In the territory of the national park it is forbidden:

Deviation from the route.

Damage to natural objects.

Breeding hearths in places not designated for this purpose, smoking when passing through forests.

Felling and damage to trees plucking flowers, collecting medicinal plants.

Hunting for animals, destruction of their habitats.

Catching fish by any means.

Stay with firearms.

Territory littering, noise.